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Guide Part 2

Creating a Drawing Template

Creating Drawings in SolidWorks

Rules for 2D Drawings

Creating Assemblies

How to Create Assembly Drawings and Exploded Views

Exercise 3.8 TUBE-2

Create a Flashlight Battery in SolidWorks

Create a Battery Plate

Lens with Shield

Mold Tools in SolidWorks

Switch - Creating a Loft using Guide Curves

Housing Part I

Housing Part 2

Rendering in SolidWorks

Animations - How to Create SolidWorks Videos

How to create a Handrail in Revit Architecture 2011 (See video listed below)

How to create stairs in Revit Architecture - this is Ex3-7 in my Revit Text

Exploring Door Families in Revit 2016

Revit Videos

Add a dormer to a roof

How to modify a curtain wall

How to add a door to a curtain wall

How to create a truss using Revit Structure

Ex3-2 in Revit Basics text - Aligning Walls to column grids

Ex3-2 in Revit Basics text - Placing Walls

Ex3-3 in Revit Basics text - Taking a 2D AutoCAD Floorplan into Revit

Ex3-5 in Revit Basics text - placing interior walls

Ex3-6 in Revit Basics text - placing second level interior walls using Copy and Paste

Ex5-5 in Revit Basics text - Using Schedule Keys

Creating a Handrail - Video for pdf download above

Reference Planes and Levels in Revit Structure

Selection and Zoom

Structural Framing in Revit Structure


How to Create View Representations, Level of Details, and Positions for Drawing Views

Basic Sheet Metal Tutorial


Vault Tips